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Meet Myda!

Myda is a self-taught professional henna artist based in Dallas, TX. She was heavily inspired by her mother who would create intricate patterns for any festive occasion as she was growing up. She realized her creative streak as her school notebooks continued to become full of floral and motif designs. Pretty soon, she began to take any opportunity to do henna for family and friends, and long before long she noticed, 15 years had passed. With each passing opportunity, her love and passion for this art has only increased.

When you hire Myda, you'll have an artist who puts her heart and soul into her work to ensure your henna is just as you imagined. You'll have a professional who can suggest her expert advice and will leave you with everything you need to know for the best aftercare to achieve that rich stain. Finally, you'll have a friend to keep company throughout, especially for those long bridal sessions.  

Myda understands all the aspects and the importance of wedding events, therefore she pays extra attention to all the details surrounding the events to make the experience as smooth and comfortable as possible for you & your family. 

It all begins with a free consultation where we discuss the details in full honesty & transparency from Myda. You will surely be pleased with her professional & friendly service, just read the reviews

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